"Your brain just becomes unwired. Unless it's stopped, it will just unravel. It's like brain failure. We have heart failure; well, schizophrenia is brain failure.

"The largest mental hospital by far in the world is LA County Jail. The second largest is Central Park. There are more schizophrenics in the U.S. than there are people who take insulin for diabetes. There are more schizophrenics in the U.S. than there are people with MS. There are more schizophrenics in the U.S. than there are people in nursing homes with Alzheimer's. There are more schizophrenics than there are those three groups put together. There are about 2.8 million schizophrenics, of which probably a third to two-thirds are homeless or have been at some point in their life.

"The most common diagnoses for these people when they get admitted to the hospital are trauma, starvation, scabies and lice. And had you opened a clinic at Auschwitz in 1943, the diagnoses would have been the same. It's a moral outrage that people just don't want to think about."

His spirit had been dead

In November, while David was staying at a halfway house in Los Angeles, he walked into the ocean in an attempt to drown himself. He was rescued by a life guard and re-admitted to Harbor UCLA on November 7, 1987. The doctors wrote that he was "psychotic, confused and responding to internal stimuli." He was taken off the antidepressants and placed back on the Haldol.

David told the doctors that his spirit had been dead for three months and that it was his duty to take care of the rest of his body, to join them together, and was thinking of this when he tried to commit suicide in the ocean. But he denied hallucinations and suicidal ideations. He was admitted to Camarillo, an Oceanside mental hospital south of Ventura, on November 24.

His time there was rocky. He made an AWOL attempt on December 21, when he was discovered climbing a fence. He explained to his father, "I've been here too long." To his doctors he admitted having suicidal thoughts because he felt helpless about his condition. Sam and Ellen came to visit David on January 8, but when they were let into the locked unit the nurses discovered that David was not there. Sam combed the area searching for him before finally going back home only to find a message saying David had returned to the hospital on his own.

"I just wanted to go for a walk," he said.

Again on February 28 David somehow escaped confinement, this time taking a swim in the ocean before returning. He said he felt "good" on the outside but came back because he "didn't have anyplace to go." A psychological review made in the last week of January revealed depression and "schizophrenic process," but no psychosis or suicidal tendencies. He showed clinical improvement in February and was eventually taken off suicidal observation. On March 16 he was discharged from Camarillo to his sister and guardian, Katie Thomas, and subsequently admitted to the private residential Anne Sippi Clinic.

According to an LAPD Missing Persons Investigation report, David was formally reported missing by an administrator of the Anne Sippi Clinic on April 8. The report lists sources checked as: missing persons, County/USC Medical Center, inmate reception and the coroner.

The possible cause of absence is noted as "habitual runaway." The probable or possible destination is "beach area," and the mental condition is "suicidal, schizophrenic."