We are deeply moved by the work our grantees are doing, and applaud their collective vision. They work energetically to protect and heal their communities. We are motivated by the unjust and unlimited financial and political power of exploitative energy industries that care little for the health of their native hosts, the water, the sky, and Mother Earth.

In addition to providing grants to groups working to achieve protection from polluting resource companies and wayward government policies, we support tribal organizers whose projects promote the long-term wisdom of tribal investment in green alternatives. For example, some of our grantees are teaching their youth to farm in traditional ways and to become leaders for change; others are creating models for clean, renewable-energy economies and sustainable agriculture.

Our family-run organization was formed in 1998 to honor the spirit of David Samuel Orr, our son, brother, and uncle. He died at the age of 24 having just begun his passionate work supporting environmental justice in tribal communities. The DSOFFTE board consists of David's parents Susan and Sam Orr, sisters Katie Thomas and Laurie Rich, and his niece Bevan Thomas. We work collaboratively, always learning through the work of our grantees. We enjoy the support of our advisors: Marla Painter, who has worked tirelessly in environmental circles around the West for many years, and who was a mentor to David; and climate scientist Dr. Benjamin Strauss, David's cousin, whose experience with founding environmental nonprofits and advocating for the planet has been invaluable.

We hope you'll consider joining us in this rewarding cycle of giving. The work our grantees do is vitally important to their communities and beyond. Your donation makes a difference.

Thank you!